Tesco update for all Mandate members

Dear Member,

Following engagement at the WRC earlier today, we wish to advise that the talks have been adjourned at the request of the WRC to provide time for both sides to consider their respective position.

Following extensive consultation with you the members, your Union outlined a revised claim, which reflects your feedback and the broader economic/inflationary situation as well the enormous efforts and commitments demonstrated to the business during the Covid-19 crisis.

Union Pay Claim presented to the company

 Current Pay RatesMandate Claim for new rates
Point 1€10.99€12.90
Point 2€11.42€12.90
Point 3€13.49€14.83
Introduction of new bridging rate €16.00
Year 7 on pre-2006 Payscale€16.17€17.73
Mandate Proposed New Pay Scale

Backdated for all members including pre – 1996 to the 1st April 2021.


Your Union are seeking the introduction of a best-in-class pension for all members.

Pre – 1996

Payment of all outstanding withheld pay increases.


Finally with regard to company’s announcement regarding Retail Security Officers, we have secured a commitment from the company to commence meaningful engagement over the coming days.

Company Position

Having outlined your revised claim, the company responded by saying that unless there was an element of consolidation in the final agreement, they could not progress matters.

Next Steps

The parties have agreed to meet again at the WRC on the 22nd on the February.

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