May 14th 2021

To: All Mandate Members – Tesco Ireland Limited
Re: Banded Hours

From: Tesco National Strategy Team

Dear Member,

As you will be aware we have been keeping in touch with you the members throughout this global pandemic, as part of that commitment, we have been trying to have more regular meetings with your Shop Steward/Store Representatives so we remain fully up to date with that matters that are most important you.

In this regard at our April meeting with your Shop Stewards it was identified that members would like more information, as to their rights and entitlements in the workplace. Arising from these consultations we have committed to more regular updates on your entitlements.

This month we will cover Banded Hours and how to seek an increase in hours etc. . We also invite you to submit a topic that you would like to covered in the next update, details below.

Banded Hours


In 2006 both Mandate and Tesco agreed the introduction of Banded Hours. This collective agreement was a negotiated and voted in by Mandate members in Tesco. At the time it was a very unique concept developed by your Union and the Mandate/Tesco agreement went on to inspire the Banded Hours Legalisation in 2019. Click Here to see a copy of the full agreement.

What is the Contract bands contained in the 2006 agreement?

The contracts for all general sales staff since 2006 are as follows:

  1. 20 to 25 hours band
  2. 25 to 30 hours band
  3. 30 to 35 hours band
  4. 35+
  5. 39 hours or full-time equivalent in your store
Increasing Your Hours
  • Although you may have begun your employment on a 20-25 hour band or a 25 to 30 hour band, you should be aware that there may be opportunities within your store to increase the level of hours you are contracted for.
  • From time to time additional hours may become available for staff over and above the hours outlined in their contract. Although a staff member is not obliged to work hours in excess of their band, they may want to avail of these hours if they arise.
  • Staff may be given hours on a temporary basis in addition to their contracted band to cover issues such as refits, seasonal trade changes, maternity leave and long term absence. These hours will be documented on a temporary and agreed basis and this should be made clear to you before any temporary arrangement is agreed.  When these hours are no longer available they normally return to working hours within their contracted band.
  • However as part of the Tesco and Mandate 2006 collective agreement, if a staff member consistently works hours in excess of their band for 4 months or more they are to be given the option to move up into the band which reflects the number of hours the staff member has been working. The following agreed application form should be used for making an application in this regard – You can request a copy of this form from your local Mandate Union office or download a copy by Clicking Here
What If My Manager Refuses My Request To Increase My Hours
  • If your line Manager refuses you application without good reason you should speak to your Shop Steward or Union Official about how you can further pursue your grievance. You should not accept your Manager telling you that the agreement doesn’t apply to you etc..

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