As part of our commitment to keeping in touch more regularly, we have been updating you on you entitlements within Tesco, which have been hard campaigned for by you, the members through your Union, Mandate.

Today we cover the topic of Force Majeure Leave within in Tesco. This topic has come up a number of times in the feedback forms over the last number of weeks.


All staff are entitled to leave with full pay from his/her employment for urgent family reasons, which are unforeseen, unexpected, sudden injury or illness which affects a member of a staff members immediate family and makes the immediate presence of the staff member at the place where the ill or injured person is situated, indispensable.

All immediate family are covered by Force Majeure Leave:

  • a child/adoptive child
  • a person to whom the colleague is in loco parentis (in place of parent)
  • a spouse or partner
  • a brother or sister
  • a parent or grandparent
  • a person who resides with the colleague in a relationship of domestic dependency.

Duration of Force Majeure

A staff member avail of 3 days force majeure leave in any consecutive 12 months, or 5 days in any 36 consecutive month period. Force Majeure leave cannot be treated as part of any other leave i.e. sick pay, maternity leave, parental leave or annual leave.

Applying for Force Majeure Leave

A staff member who has availed of their force majeure entitlement is required notify their manager stating that have taken force majeure leave, the date it was taken and include a brief overview facts as to why they were required to take the leave. Click Here for Force Majeure application form which should be filled in had given to you manager.


If you have any questions with regard to Force Majeure Leave, please contact your local Union Workplace Representative. If there is any feed back you wish to provide, please leave us a comment below.

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