June 2021

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As part of our commitment to keeping in touch more regularly, we have been updating you on you entitlements within Tesco, which have been hard campaigned for by you, the members through your Union, Mandate.

Today we cover the topic of Paternity Leave/Adoptive Leave & Fertility Support, please note the below is a guide.

Paternity Leave

In line with the current policy, Paternity Leave is available to eligible employees to allow them to take up to 2 weeks Paternity Leave from work around the birth or adoption of their child or the child of their spouse or partner.

Employees who have completed 26 weeks’ continuous service before the date of childbirth, or at the point where the child’s adopter is notified of being matched with a child will receive:

  • Week 1: Full basic pay for the hours employee normally rostered to work less the value of State paternity benefit from the Department of Social Protection
  • Week 2: State Paternity Benefit (note you have to apply to the Department of Social Protection for this payment.)

Hours the employee is normally rostered to work are calculated at an average of the last 13 weeks basic hours paid.

Once the Department of Social Protection confirms the paternity benefit amount in writing, a copy of this letter must be submitted to your Store Manager.

For Full details see the company policy in full at the end of this update.

Fertility Support

Hospital Appointments
In accordance with the current policy your store management should support your attendance at fertility appointments by giving you the option to shift swap, vary your working pattern in some way or make up your hours for the time off that you need.

Paid Leave
According to the policy, the Company will release eligible employees for up to a maximum of 1 working week. This will be paid leave at contractual pay. The time is to cover procedures, scans and operations that form part of a recognised treatment programme as well as rest and recuperation following treatment.

Time off can be granted for up to 1 working week per cycle and can be granted 3 times over the course of your employment. An employee would therefore be able to take a maximum of 3 weeks’ paid leave (all of these may be within 1 calendar year).

The paid time off may be taken as a minimum of one day/shift or as a block of 1 week. Where this may equate to a part day for part-time colleagues, the colleague should be allowed the day off and to work back outstanding hours at a mutually convenient time.

Paid time off for the partner of someone undergoing treatment, can be taken for a maximum of two days per treatment cycle (at contractual pay), if their attendance at the clinic or hospital is required as part of the treatment process. This is pro-rata for part-time colleagues.

If partners are not required as part of the process, but wish to accompany their partner undergoing treatment, they may take unpaid Compassionate Leave. Paid options such as holiday or shift-swap can be offered to provide a period of paid leave.

For Full details see the company policy in full at the end of this update.

Adoptive Leave

According to the company policy, Adoptive Leave is available to all female employees and sole male adopters.

One period of leave will be granted per adoption, irrespective of the number of children adopted at that time. Adoption Leave will only be given for the primary carer, for any child under the age of 18 years. The secondary carer may claim Paternity Leave.

All adopting mothers and sole male adopters can take adoptive leave, for a minimum period of 24 consecutive weeks.

In addition to the minimum period of adoptive leave an employee may avail of up to 16 consecutive week’s additional adoptive leave following on immediately from the period of adoptive leave.

Your absence from work on additional Adoptive Leave (as with all adoptive leave) will count for all employment rights associated with the employment, such as annual leave (except remuneration and superannuation benefits). Note: employees should be treated as if they were at work.

You are entitled to public holiday entitlement for any public holiday that occurs during their adoptive leave (including additional adoptive leave).

In the case of a foreign adoption some or all of the 16 weeks additional leave may be taken before the date of the placement for the purposes of familiarisation with the child.

Pay For Adoptive Leave
Currently Tesco do not provide paid or indeed any top up in respect of Adoptive Leave, your Union Mandate would be interested in hearing your view on that topic, please provide any feedback using

Pre-Adoption Leave
Preparation classes and pre-adoption meetings with social workers/ HSE officials required during the pre-adoption process can be taken without loss of pay for adopting parents i.e. Mother and Father. You will need to give 2 weeks’ notice in writing of date and time. You may also be required to produce an appointment card.

Below are links to some useful documents

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Tesco Fertility Support Policy
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If you have any issues with regard to the forgoing, please consult your Shop Steward or Local Mandate Office.

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