To all Mandate Members in Corrib Oil Ballinasloe

13th Dec 2022

Dear Member

Below please find correspondence sent today to Mr Eugene Dalton CEO Corrib Oil from Mandate General Secretary Mr. Gerry Light RE Notice of Industrial Action.

Yours Fraternally
For Mandate Trade Union 

John Carty
Divisional Organiser

Mr Eugene Dalton
Shuttington Holdings ULC T/A Corrib Oil
Galway Technology Park
H91 K2WP
12 December 2022

By Email, Mail and Registered Post:
Re: Notice of Industrial Action

Dear Mr Dalton

The National Executive Council of Mandate Trade Union has carefully considered an industrial relations report from Mandate Divisional Organiser,  Mr John Carty. The aforementioned report relates to the Company’s refusal to meaningfully engage with Mandate Trade Union as the workers’ chosen representative body for the purpose of agreeing of procedures for the resolving of any disputes that may arise between this union, its members and your company or vice versa.
Given the unreasonable stance adopted by the Company, Mandate was left with no alternative but to conduct a secret ballot of our members and seek sanction for industrial action up to and including all out-strike action. Accordingly, our members have voted in favour of taking industrial action up to and including all out-strike action and our National Executive Council has sanctioned such action in furtherance of a trade dispute.

Accordingly, I am hereby giving you official notice that in the event of the position of the
employer remaining unchanged in respect of this matter, official Mandate pickets will be initially placed upon Shuttington Holdings ULC T/A Corrib Oil Ballinasloe County Galway on
Thursday 22 December 2022 and on times, dates and places thereafter to be determined.

As always and in an effort to avoid the planned industrial action, representatives of this Union remain available to meet with a view to achieve a satisfactory resolution to the matters in dispute.

Yours sincerely
For Mandate Trade Union
Gerry Light
General Secretary
Cc John Carty
Mandate Members, Corrib Oil Ballinsloe

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