To All Mandate Members – Tesco, Liffey Valley

04th January 2023

Dear member,

I want to begin by wishing you and your family a Happy New Year for 2023. The last 2 years have not been great, especially for retail workers, having worked through the strangest and most challenging period in living memory.

A big thank you to most of you, who have signed and returned your pledge card to support yourself and your colleagues in attempting to secure better terms and conditions. To those that have not yet returned this card, please do so asap because huge numbers are in already, but the bigger the return the more pressure can be put on your employer. If you have mislaid your pledge card please send a quick email to or call or text to 0874417934 and I will arrange a replacement.

This is also the time of year when your employer traditionally likes to cut hours, reducing people to the bottom of their respective band, and even trying to reduce them below the band. There is a way to fight back, and several of the members in your store have contacted the office about this. The following is taken directly from the 2006 Agreement in relation to applications for a higher contract band. Please note that the wording says “consistently” and not “constantly” meaning you do not have to have worked above your band every single week during the 4 month reference period.

“In the event that a staff member consistently works hours in excess of their band for 4 months or more, they are given the option to move up into the band which reflects the number of hours the staff member has been working. For example, if a staff member’s contracted band is 25-30 hours and for 4 months or more, they have worked between 30-35 hours then they have the option to move to the 30–35-hour band. Applications for this increase in hours should be made to the Personnel Manager/ Line Manager. If following an analysis of the individual’s hours worked over the 4 months it is found that the staff member has consistently worked over and above their contracted band, the Personnel Manager/Line Manager will accept the application.“

An application form to apply for a higher contract band can be found here and should you choose to apply, please send a copy of your application to, and this way there is proof that it has been submitted.

Should your employer choose to ignore your request, or deny the application, you have the right to lodge a grievance against this. I have also attached grievance forms Stage 1, Stage 2,and Stage 3. Should you require any assistance whatsoever in lodging the band increase application, or indeed a grievance form, again, do not hesitate to contact or call the office on the above number. That is also the case should you wish for hard copy forms to be sent via the post.

Yours fraternally,

Ken Reilly
Industrial Officer Organiser


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