8 July 2021

Dear Member,

We have been advised by your local Union representatives that communications have been circulated by store management to all staff today, regarding the company’s proposed agenda for national discussions, which are due to commence Monday 12th July 2021 with both Mandate and SIPTU.

In advance of these discussions, we want to remind and reassure all our Mandate members that notwithstanding the company’s communication to all staff, Mandate is committed to our collective bargaining process agreed with Tesco and it will be in this regard that any proposal that may emanate from those discussions will be subjected to a collective secret ballot of all our Tesco Union members only.

As with our current weekly updates, we will keep you informed of any further developments as the national talks proceed. Should you or your colleagues need any assistance, please contact your local Shop Steward or Union Office at the locations here Union Locations

Yours fraternally
TESCO Mandate National Strategy Team

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