Update for Mandate Members in Penneys Liffey Valley 15th December 2020

DATE:     15th December 2020

TO:         All Mandate Members working in Penneys Liffey Valley

FROM:    Eoin Griffin, Industrial Officer

RE:          Collective Grievance – 2 week roster

Dear Members

Further to my previous correspondence of the 7th of December regarding the collective grievance, this was lodged with local management yesterday, the 14th of December. Please see below a copy of the correspondence. Any subsequent updates will be circulated to members. There was a great response to the grievance with 135 signatures at final count.

Unfortunately we don’t have every members contact details so please make sure to share this message with your colleagues by whatever means you have available to you (eg forward on WhatsApp/Messenger/etc).

If you don’t receive text messages from Mandate and are reading this you can call Rebecca on 01-8870728 to update or email dublinnorth@mandate.ie

Yours fraternally

Eoin Griffin
Industrial Officer
Dublin North 

Ms. Louise Byrne,                                                                                     14th December 2020
People & Culture Manager,
Penneys Liffey Valley,
Liffey Valley Shopping Centre,
Dublin 22.
By Email Only

Re: Collective Grievance – Rosters

Dear Ms. Byrne,

I write to you regarding the aforementioned and to seek a meeting with you to discuss the attached collective grievance, the contents of which are self-explanatory.

It should be noted that our members raised this matter directly locally and I am aware that a meeting took place at short notice between member of the house committee and local management. However in keeping with the procedures we are seeking a meeting with you to discuss the collective grievance as a matter of priority.

Yours sincerely,

Eoin Griffin
Industrial Officer

CC Mandate members Penneys Liffey Valley