Update for Mandate Members in Penneys Liffey Valley

DATE:     7th December 2020

TO:         All Mandate Members working in Penneys Liffey Valley

FROM:    Eoin Griffin, Industrial Officer

RE:          Collective Grievance – 2 week roster

Dear Members

Please see below correspondence to Louise Byrne which was sent on Friday the 4th of December. So far we have received an unprecedented response to the collective grievance which was launched on Friday afternoon. To add your name to the Collective Grievance please click this link:


Unfortunately we don’t have every members contact details so please make sure to share this message with your colleagues by whatever means you have available to you (eg forward on WhatsApp/Messenger/etc).

If you don’t receive text messages from Mandate and are reading this make sure to fill in your mobile number on the Collective Grievance and we will update everyone’s contact details, alternatively you can call Rebecca on 01-8870728 to update.

Yours fraternally

Eoin Griffin
Industrial Officer
Dublin North 

From: Eoin Griffin
Sent: Friday 4 December 2020 16:23
To: P&C Penneys Liffey Valley
Cc: Ann Lawlor
Subject: Non Application of Advance Rosters – Email Only

Dear Ms. Byrne, 

I am receiving a high volume of calls from our members in Penneys Liffey Valley regarding the aforementioned. I have attached the relevant agreement for your review. I am aware that this matter has been raised locally by Mandate representatives but unfortunately no roster or explanation for the delay has been forthcoming. As per the procedures the undersigned will be facilitating a collective grievance regarding the matter.

Given the inevitable challenges late rosters will present for our members and their commitments outside of work I anticipate that the company will make every effort to facilitate our members.

I trust the above is in order and that every effort will be made to remedy this unacceptable development without any further delay.

Yours sincerely,

Eoin Griffin

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