Update on preparations for Labour Court Hearing

Date: 29th April 2022

To: All Mandate Members in Tesco

Re: Labour Court Hearing 17th May2022

Dear Member

Members of your National Negotiating Team met last night in preparation for the Labour Court Hearing on the 17th of May. We appreciate that the process has been long and at times frustrating for members but please be assured that the National Negotiating Team remain committed to putting across the views expressed by members both through the national ballot on the WRC proposals, which were overwhelmingly rejected, and the subsequent engagement at a local level, through the national survey and various local initiatives.

Tesco National Negotiating Team Meeting 28th April 2022

As you will be aware your National Negotiating Team and The Company met on a number of occasions in February and March under the auspices of the WRC but unfortunately no progress could be made. Below please see the differences between the parties.

Please continue to encourage your colleagues to join Mandate, so that they can have their voice heard on any recommendation issued by the Labour Court.

Yours fraternally 

Tesco National Negotiating Team