Urgent -Tesco Stores- With No Representative

June 8th 2021

To: All Mandate Members – Tesco Stores Without Representative
Selection of Store Representative
From: Tesco National Strategy Team

Dear Member,

Mandate have been holding regular meetings and briefings over the last number of months across all Tesco Stores to ensure the Union continues to maintain regular communication updates with its members on all outstanding matters in relation to our members employment.

Over the past number of months a number of regional Activists’ meetings have taken place, which has been both informative for the members and the Mandate team.  

Issues in relation to the Share Bonus, future Pay Rises and Contract Band Increases have been raised as concerns. The manner in which our members can avail of sick leave and annual leave, as well as the calculation of annual leave and entitlements in relation to rest breaks have been discussed. You also would have recently reviewed updates in relation to the contract bands etc., which we have heard has been warmly welcomed by our members across all stores. Through this engagement with the members, our aim is to continue our communication plan and provide as much information where we can and when we can.

It is essential that every Store’s participates in these regional meetings so we can better help and support you through the issues of concern. 

Your Store Not Represented

For what ever reason your store was was among a minority of stores which was not represented at either of our last two regional meetings. As your store is missing out on vital information we request that in advance of further meetings, we would like your store to be represented at our next scheduled meeting. Your store’s participation in these meetings is crucial to your Union’s success in Tesco and through the use of zoom, our capacity to facilitate these meetings regionally has never been easier. If you are interested in attending our next regional meeting, please let us know by filling in the following contact form and one of our Officials can contact you in confidence to give you more details.  

Expression of Interest – Store Representative at Next Meeting